1776 Uncle Sam

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1776 Uncle Sam

Price $30.00 each
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The 1776 Uncle Sam would make a great addition to any patriotic holiday decor.  Uncle Sam has been a common icon used to demonstrate patriotic pride and this handmade craft would do just that for many traditional American National holidays whether it b 4th of July, Memorial Day, or Labor Day.

The 1776 Uncle Sam’s base is a large aluminum coffee can that has been painted black.  Uncle Sam stands approximately 18 inches tall and spans approximately 21 inches (this includes the span of the American Flag).  Uncle Sam is holding in his arm an American Flag that has been stained to give it age.  Sam has a handmade and stained rag beard.  In the can along with Sam and the flag are 2 material stars that may vary in color and size and pip berries that are red, white, and blue are used to accent this beautiful handmade craft.  Uncle Sam is wearing a blue shirt and a patriotic colored hat.  His face is hand painted.

As with all of our handmade primitive crafts slight variations in material patterns and overall appearance may occur.  As always feel free to contact us to see about getting your items custom made.

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