Word Pillows

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Word Pillows


Customized Hand-stitched Pillows
$10.00 each

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Hand-stitched pillows are customized with a personalized word; you can choose a word from our list of believe, faith, blessings, hope, love, family, friends or use your own. Pillows are approximately 7*12 and stitched on stained material with black embroidery floss. Stained material is used to give the pillow an aged and grungy look. Saying is hand-stitched.

Pillows are available in a choice of burgundy, blue, or green homespun print (Please see picture above for examples of prints). Other options of homespun prints may be available by special order. All pillows are handmade and filled with premium stuffing. Each pillow is made with the chosen homespun material as the front and back of the pillow and then the word is stitched onto the print of the material after being stitched onto a piece of stained material.

If you would like word stitched with color other than black please list the color you want in the field below with your word. If you would like a pillow that is bigger than 7*10 please contact us for more information.

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