Handmade Fall Crafts (2016)

Fall crafts available at Susie’s Crafts for the fall of 2016.

When I think of fall I think of bold vibrant colors, kids in costumes, and families giving thanks around a table.  The start of the fall season was on September 22, 2016 and where I live, in the rolling hills of West Virginia, it is one of the most beautiful times of the year, being surrounded by the gorgeous changing leaves from green to red, yellow, and orange.  Susie’s Crafts is also prepared for the 2016 Fall Season with her handmade fall crafts.  At Susie’s Crafts fall means handmade scarecrows, witches, pumpkins, and jewel colored flowers.


o   Handmade scarecrows come in a variety of styles.  We have scarecrow heads that can be hung on walls and doors.  Hanging shirt scarecrows that are made from old team sweatshirts and flannel shirts.  If you live locally and have a long sleeve adult shirt that you would like used for a scarecrow just bring it in during business hours to see about a custom scarecrow.  Wood scarecrows can be used to decorate a room, porch, and yard for you this fall holiday season.  Sitting scarecrows are made using child sized clothes and if you live locally can be customized with your own clothing.  Typically, some of the team shirt scarecrows we have available are Steelers and Mountaineers.  Flannel shirt scarecrows come in a variety of colors.  Call, email, or message us to get a list of colors and styles that are currently available for each pictured item.

o   Hanging shirt scarecrows typically cost $15.00

o   Handing heads range from $10.00 to $12.75

o   Sitting scarecrows are priced from $15.00 to $20.00


o   Pumpkins are available in wood, material, felt, and paper.  Sizes range from a few inches to a couple feet.  Pumpkins look good on mantles, shelves, porches, and yards.

o   Pumpkins range from $0.75 to $8.00

Miscellaneous fall handmade crafts

o   Susie has a selection of Halloween decorations that include witches, witches boots & hats, black cats, and ghosts.  Susie also has handmade seasonal ornaments for your pencil tree.  You can find a variety of pumpkins, acorns, candy corn, harvest crops, and many more items that are perfect for pencil trees.

Fall Silk Flower Bushes and Crafts

o   Susie doesn’t just specialize in handmade crafts, she also has a selection of silk bushes and garlands that can be used for a variety of decorating needs.  Susie sells vase arrangements, grave blankets and saddles for your cemetery needs.  There is a large selection of fall wreaths including silk floral wreaths and wire mesh wreaths.  If you need an arrangement for your mantle or table Susie has you covered there as well.  Or if you are a do it your-selfer  Susie has the supplied needed to get you started:  silk bushes, garlands, wire, foam, ribbon, and unfinished wreaths and baskets.

  • So be sure to stop in and check out all of the handmade fall crafts that are currently available at Susie’s Crafts.  If you don’t live in the area that’s okay too, just call, email, or message about any items that are pictured or other items that may be available for purchase.  Susie’s crafts are affordable for people who are on a fixed income, we have layaway available, and accept all major credit cards.
  • All prices listed in post are for items to be picked up locally.  All items are available for shipment, call, message, or email to get a price on what an item will cost to be shipped.  Shipping prices vary based on weight, size, and destination.
  • All items shown are available in a limited supply and once supplies are gone may not be available again, so please do not hesitate to contact us about an item you are interested in purchasing.  Given the nature of all items being handmade slight variations will be observed from one like item to another.
  • Check out our Facebook account for more pictures of items available in 2016.

Susie’s Crafts has a new look.


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