Stovepipe Hat Snowman Ornament

Today I am going to take a break from our Trash to Treasure series and show you how Susie makes a Stovepipe Hat Snowman Ornament.  These ornaments are fairly easy and only require a little sewing and only scraps of material, felt and a few other items.

Stovepipe Snowman-17.jpg
Stovepipe Hat Snowman

Materials List

  • scraps of muslin, black felt, and homespun material
  • needle and thread (black and tan/cream)
  • paint:  black, orange, and white
  • stuffing
  • glue gun
  • scissors
Materials for Stovepipe Hat Snowman

Instructions for Handmade Christmas Ornament

Cut a 6 inch circle from muslin for head.  If you don’t have muslin some other good choices for material are flannel and old sheets.  Choose a color that is relative for you whether that is tan, cream, or white.

From black felt cut a 3 1/2 inch circle for the hat brim and a 3 inch by 5 inch rectangle for the stovepipe part of the hat.

Rip a small piece of homespun material or other type of material to match your Christmas ornaments and décor.

Stovepipe Snowman-02
Place a running stitch completely around muslin for head of handmade snowman ornament.
Stovepipe Snowman-03
Pull on running stitch to tighten thread and begin to make a form that begins to look like a bowl for the head of your stovepipe hat snowman.
Stovepipe Snowman-04a
Fill bowl of head with stuffing.  Place enough stuffing to fill but don’t place to much in the bowl so that the head will be able to close properly for this handmade Christmas ornament.
Stovepipe Snowman-04b
Pull on thread to close head.  Be careful to not pull to tight so that the thread doesn’t break.  If stuffing needs adjusted do it at this time.  After the tread is tied set aside to complete hat for Stovepipe Snowman Ornament.
Stovepipe Snowman-05
Take the felt rectangle and roll along the long side to make a roll.
Stovepipe Snowman-06
Place a line of glue along the end of the stovepipe snowman hat to close roll.
Stovepipe Snowman-07
Place hot glue on top of head of snowman ornament.
Stovepipe Snowman-08
Grab felt hat brim and place on top of head of handmade ornament.
Stovepipe Snowman-09
Press down lightly until hot glue sets.
Stovepipe Snowman-10
Add hot glue to end of felt roll and then place in center of brim and hold light while glue sets.
Stovepipe Snowman-11
Here is that your ornament should look like at this point.
Stovepipe Snowman-12
Now take your scrap of fabric and wrap around hat base and hot glue end of material.
Stovepipe Snowman-13
Choose best side of ornament to place the face on your primitive stovepipe snowman ornament.
Stovepipe Snowman-14
Face can be painted on this a paint brush.  Susie has just found it is easier to use squeeze bottles with fine metal tip.  Your local craft store should have these.
Stovepipe Snowman-15
Expect every primitive ornament to look slightly different.  Use your own creative on how you place eyes, mouth, and nose.
Stovepipe Snowman-16
If you are unsure about the nose practice first on paper before paint nose of snowman ornament.  And don’t forget to add some blush to the cheeks at the end if you wish.  Simply use the blush you have available in your bathroom with a q-tip.  After your ornament is complete don’t forget to add a hanger with black thread so that you can hand your ornament on your primitive Christmas tree.

Here is the completed stovepipe snowman ornament.  Remember to personalize your ornaments by choosing colors that match your décor of the décor of the person you will gift ornaments to.  This handmade ornament would be a great craft for kids with proper supervision.

Stovepipe Snowman-17

I hope you enjoyed learning how to this easy primitive stovepipe snowman ornament.


Next time on Homemade with Heart, I will get back to our Trash to Treasure series with Trash to Treasure:  Glass Bottles (part 3).

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