Trash to Treasure: Glass Bottles (part 2 of 3)

Last time on our Trash to Treasure series Glass Bottles we looked at how to repurpose glass bottles to make vases, bird feeders, and lights.  Today we will look at different ways to upcycle glass bottles through mixed media and painting.  On the final part of Trash to Treasure:  Glass Bottles we will look at using modge podge and other miscellaneous uses for glass bottle crafts.  In the 3rd and final part of Trash to Treasure:  Glass Bottles I will also include different ways to cut glass bottles for some of the items shown in parts 1-3 of Trash to Treasure:  Glass Bottles.

Mixed Media

Mixed media refers to using several different mediums to decorate an item, such as scrapbooking, painting, modge podge, lace, ribbon, and more.

  1. Lynne Woolgar on Gauche Alchemy shows how to use hot glue, lace ribbon, gesso, Lindy’s spray, and Distress Ink to make a altered art glass bottle.
  2. Using frosted glass spray paint, beads, stickers, rhinestones and more you can make an altered art bottle as similar to what is seen on Artful Musings.
  3. Cloth Paper Scissors magazine showcased these cute snowmen made from vintage glass bottles in their November/December 2008 issue.
  4. Check out Shabby Cottage Studio for pictures of several different altered bottles.

susies country crafts


Painting glass bottles is another creative way to repurpose glass bottles.  These bottles shown below would make great home décor pieces or gifts.  I have found from personal experience the best way to apply the base coat of paint on altered glass bottles is to use spray paint.  A great way to hold the bottle while spraying is to use a dowel rod with a paper towel wrapped around it placed into the opening of the bottle.

  1. Found on Pinterest this altered art bottle using spray paint, jute, flowers, and cardboard or wood letters.
  2. Some tan paint sprayed on this glass bottle craft with some jute and other paint make this cute scarecrow.
  3. This cute altered bottle craft uses paint to give the bottle a stained glass look.
  4. Here is a snowman made from a wine bottle, felt, and other embellishments.
  5. This wine bottle craft required some painting skills but would great on a mantle or shelf.
  6. A gingerbread wine bottle craft that definitely requires some knowledge of painting.
  7. A great way to use black spray paint, textured spray paint, and cinnamon to make a primitive painted jug.

Disclaimer:  Always wear protective gear when working with glass to avoid injury.

ad picture

Next time I will be taking a break from our Trash to Treasure series and will be showing you how Susie makes one of her snowman ornaments.



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