Trash to Treasures: Glass Bottles (part 1 of 3)

Upcycling Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are used to house a variety of food, drinks, medications, and beauty products.  It is common for people to come into contact with glass bottles daily.  Drink bottles include beer, liquor, soda, and coffee just to name a few.  Hot sauce, dressings, and oils are common food items that are stored in glass bottles.  Alcohols are commonly stored in glass bottles, this includes wine, beer, and liquor.  Perfumes and liquid medications are also commonly stored in glass bottles.

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According to Wikipedia, glass bottles have been traced as far back as 1500 BC and increased in popularity with the invention of glass blowing.  Glass bottles are 100% recyclable, but today instead of recycling we are going to look at upcycling bottles to make pretty decorations and functional items that can be kept or given as gifts for special occasions.

There are many different ways to alter and upcycle glass bottles; bottled can be used to create other functional household items such as vases, bird feeders, food/drink receptacles and lights.  Creating these items can be as simple as adding other hardware to bottles or cutting bottles.

Another way to upcycle glass bottles is by creating one of a kind home décor items; techniques used to upcycle glass bottles include mod podge, painting, and other mixed media techniques.

Let’s look at different ways to upcycle glass bottles to make altered glass projects.


Using glass bottles as vases is an easy way to upcycle glass bottles.  Vases do not have to be altered in any other way to be functional, just simply clean the glass bottle and remove the label.  Glass bottles can also be altered to give the vase a unique and custom look.  Here a list of different ways/ideas to use glass bottles as vases.

  1. Sand and Sisal uses Martha Stewart glass paint to make a glass bottle look like sea glass.
  2. Glass bottles can be placed in a wood box with a few springs of flowers in each bottle  As seen here.
  3. Here is another way to use a wood box to display glass bottles as vases.
  4. Spray paint creates gorgeous and inexpensive vases for table décor.  Wedding Chicks use gold spray paint to create elegant table vases for a wedding.
  5. Another way to easily change the look of glass bottle crafts is by pouring paint into the bottle and coating the inside as seen on theSITSgirls.
  6. Finally make a wire bracket for the glass bottle craft and hand then with flowers in them as seen here.

    susies country crafts.png

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are a great way to upcycle bottles and decorate gardens, trees, and porches.  Glass bottles can be used to make bird feeders that hold seed bird feed or as a hummingbird feeder.

  1.  The Garden Roof Coop show how to use a glass bottle, copper wire, various embellishments and a hummingbird feeder tube to make a pretty upcycled glass bottle craft.
  2. On Better Homes and Gardens find instructions on how to use a glass bottle and a soda-bottle feeder attachment to make a glass bottle bird feeder that is then filled with bird seed.
  3. Kristen @ Down Home Inspiration shows how to make a bird feeder for wine bottles using furring strips and plywood for under $10.00.
  4. An example of making a whimsical birdfeeder using a wine bottle and martini glass can be found on Pinterest.
  5. ChickenStreet shows how to make a wood base for wine bottles to dispense bird seed.
  6. Drilling a hole into the side of a bottle and attaching a small plate to the bottom is another way to make a glass bottle bird feeder.  Instructions for this wine bottle craft is found here.
  7. Diana Wearing shows how to use old soda bottles and bedsprings to make a unique hummingbird feeder on hometalk.

Join us next time for part 2 of Trash to Treasure:  Glass Bottles; part 2 will focus on using glass bottles to make lights and lamps and how to used mixed media techniques to create one of a kind altered bottle art.

susies country crafts

Disclaimer:  Always wear protective gear when working with glass to avoid injury.

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