Trash to Treasure: Tin Cans (part 2)

Trash to Treasure series:  Tin Cans (part 2)

Today we are continuing to look at how to transform tin cans from something that would be trash into a functional home décor item that would be good to keep or give as a gift. 

This post will focus on the animals and other figures that can be made from old tin cans.

One of the most obvious figures that can be made from recycled tin cans is a Tin Man.

Let us look at a few different options that are available for making a Tin Man to repurpose tin cans.

1.       Here is where you can find basic directions for how to assemble a tin can man.

2.       There are many different options for making a tin can man that resembles the tin man seen in the Wizard of Oz here are just two options available.  Option 1  can be found here.  Find option 2 here.

3.       While this is not made from recycled tin cans I would be remiss to not show this option of an adorable way to make a Tin Lady.  This cute lady can be found on Ann’s Garden Path blog, where you will also find a lot of other ways to decorate your garden using upcycling.

4.       Love the Wizard of Oz then you will fall in love with this set of Tin Men made to resemble the characters in the Wizard of Oz.  This item was available on eBay and is no longer available but could be used to inspire your own old tin can projects.

5.       And of course what list would be complete without including a tin can snowman.  While there is no information on this tin can crafts the picture can be found on Pinterest and used to inspire making your own snowman to repurpose your tin cans

Another way to use old tin cans is to transform them into animals that would look good hung from porches and trees and placed in flower gardens.

Animals are also another thing that can be made from old tin cans.  Let us now look at a few domestic and barn yard animals.

1.       A tin can dog is a great way to use old tin cans that are multiple sizes.  It would also be a great crafts to make with kids.  The easy directions for this animal can be found here.

2.       If you have a tin can dog it is only fair to have a cat as well.  Click here to get inspiration on making a tin can cat using a soup can and a tuna can.

3.       The tin can rooster would be a more advanced way to repurpose tin cans but would make a great garden decoration.

4.       Another cute idea to repurpose tin cans is to make a pig.  The pig shown is made with old tin cans and a metal bucket.  Another idea that would work instead of using a bucket would be to use those popcorn tins that people get at Christmas.  This handmade craft was featured on stayathomelife.

5.       Have empty pop cans lying around.  Here is another idea that would make a great and inexpensive craft to do with kids.  (No instructions)


All the options listed about are by no way a complete list options for what can be made from old tin cans.  Pinterest is a great way to find more ideas to inspire your own creative juices.  Search topics such as tin man out of cans, tin can crafts, and tin can animals are just a few ways to find inspiration.

All the items listed in this blog and our previous blog Trash to Treasure:  Tin Cans (part 1) can be found on our Pinterest board Trash to Treasure: Tin Cans.

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Up next in our Trash to Treasure series is a focus on what to do with glass jars and bottles.

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