Trash to Treasure: Tin Cans (part 1)

Upcycling Cans instead of throwing them away or recycling them.

Over the next several weeks we will be looking at different items that people would normally throw away and how to upcycle them. Some of the different things that will be focused on are tin cans, glass jars, cereal (and other) boxes, and more.

This post will focus on things that can be done with tin cans.

Some ways that we use old tin cans.

All the tin can crafts shown above are available for purchase at Susie’s Country Crafts.  Our items can be purchased through our Etsy store, by contacting us, or by visiting us in person.

Some ways others are recycling tin cans.

One way to upcycle tin cans is to use them as luminaries.  Let’s take a look at some of the different ways that tin cans can but used to brighten up a dark space.

Use empty tin cans to make citronella candles, as made by Garden Therapy, to make your outdoor activities more enjoyable.

Upcycled tin cans can also be used as a pretty decoration for Halloween and fall as seen above by favecrafts.

Our final like for using tin can as luminaries comes from apartmenttherapy, where used tin cans are punched with designs to make a pretty luminary that look good indoors and outdoors.

Tin can crafts are a good way to use old tin cans.  Using tin cans for country décor is a way to repurpose tin cans.

faithmeadowdesigns created this beautiful tin can crafts that would look good either sitting on a shelf or used to store items such as pens, pencils, or toothbrushes.

In this decorated tin justlilla shows a grungy tin cans tutorial.

This can from is being used a bank for vacation savings but could be used as storage for other small items as well.

Recycling tin cans to make tin can organizers is a great way to use old tin cans.

There are many ways to use tin cans as organizers.  Two of the pictures above show ways recycling tin cans be make desk top organizers for pens, pencils, and crafting supplies.  Uing old tin cans, jute, paper, embellishments, and a lazy susan, homedit, has designed a tin can organizer that has a shabby chic feel.  Another way to create an organizer recycling tin cans is using paper and wire.  More information for this organizer can be found here.

Another way is to use paper and wire as t have a lot of drawer space in your kitchen, then Madame solution by repurposing tin cans into a silverware organizer.  Another good way to use this organizer would be for outdoor parties.

And what list of ideas for using old tin cans would be complete without showing some interesting ideas for seasonal tin can crafts.

A tin can snowman is a great way to take advantage of different size tin cans and would make a great craft to make with the kids on a cold winter day.  The instructions on how to make this snowman can be found at practically functional.

Old tin cans can be used to make pumpkins as seen on cupcakecuppy.

Repurpose tin cans into snowman hats.  Hats can be made to sit on a table as a centerpiece or could be altered to be a tree topper.  For a closer look at this Christmas Country craft visit scrapashopaholic.

Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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